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The Russian pianist performed the song “Yesterday” by The Beatles on the piano

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August 30, 2023 Videos No comments


One of the Internet hits is a wonderful musical performance by a Russian pianist of a hit by The Beatles.

She has managed to impress many netizens with her looks and image, and her talent is sure to please you.

Alisa Protsenko’s video, posted on the YouTube channel, has already been a success there – her piano performance has been watched by more than 300,000 Internet users to date, and there is no shortage of enthusiasm in the comments.

Alisa Protsenko, who posts stunning piano performances online, this time performs the 1965 hit “Yesterday” by the British rock group The Beatles. The song was written by Paul McCartney with the help of John Lennon.

Listen to Russian pianist Alisa Protsenko’s extraordinary piano performance of the Beatles’ hit song. Will he impress you with his performance?