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After the dog’s owner died, he was heartbroken and refused to leave her at the funeral

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April 14, 2022 Animal Videos No comments


When Maria Isabel Benítez Chamba was buried in Ecuador at the age of 95, a member of her funeral group refused to leave her.

Her beloved dog Boomer was honored by family and friends, but her faithful friend didn’t want to leave.

During Mary’s awakening organized by Funeraria Santa Rosa, Boomer stayed with her, as he had during Mary’s lifetime.

“You can see the devotion and affection between him and his dog,” the funeral director told Dodo. “He was always close to his master.”

After the ceremony, a procession formed and followed Mary’s coffin to the cemetery. Then Boomer jumped into the back of the car and refused to leave.

“He seemed to be saying, ‘I want to say goodbye to my mom,’ and walked around the car full of corpses before jumping on the plane,” the cemetery director said. “A fine example of loyalty.”

According to a report from the cemetery, the little dog was last seen comforting Maria’s family.

I was heartbroken to see what it was like to lose a Boomer after the death of his owner and we are so lucky to have such loyal and loving furry friends.