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Angry Boss Pays His Former Employee 90,000 Pennies

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April 4, 2021 Videos No comments


When a man announced his job two weeks ago, he had no idea that his boss would pay his final paycheck in oil-covered pennies.
When a man from Georgia warned him two weeks ago, he thought he was getting his last paycheck. What he never imagined was a penny.

One person quit his job at the company after arguing that the boss did not want to give him time to pick up the child from the orphanage.

Unhappy with his resignation, his boss threw the man over 90,000 pennies. The coin was covered with glue and accompanied by a rough note.

When asked about the incident, the boss first claimed that he didn’t remember dumping pennies on the man’s driveway. Later, he called his former employee a “weenie” for taking the incident to the media.