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Cat Opens Tupperware Full Of Cookies And Takes A Bite Of Every Single One

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April 20, 2020 Animal No comments


Nellie is a mischievous kitty who would do anything for a snack. This dog-like nature of hers, even allowed her owner to teach her tricks, just like a dog. She’ll do anything as long as you reward her with a snack.

When Allison Riebel brought Nellie, an adorable kitty, into her home, she had no idea she was bringing in a cheeky cookie monster.

Allison Riebel

One day, Nellie’s momma Allison wanted to treat her friends from the Wildlife Medical Clinic at the University of Illinois, with some yummy homemade cookies. The lovely smell soon filled the whole house, and the feline couldn’t resist her urges anymore. Allison, who knew exactly who she’s dealing with, kept the cookies in a sealed Tupperware box. The kitten waited for Allison to go upstairs and in some miraculous way, managed to open the box.

Allison is sure that her kitty didn’t just knock the container over, because if she did, at least some of the cookies would have been broken. But they weren’t. Instead, they were spread out all over the dining room floor with a little kitty-bite taken out of each and every one of them.

Allison Riebel

The kitty’s operation was finally uncovered after she accidentally made too much noise, and was caught red-handed by Allison. Nellie knew there was no use in pretending she wasn’t responsible for the mess. Allison said the kitty even looked proud of herself and was happy she found such a delicious snack.

Looks like Nellie’s parents are going to have to find a Tupperware container with a lock, even though we’re sure that the clever kitty will find a way around that too.

Allison Riebel

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