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Dalmatian Try To Prevent Child From Going To School

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August 24, 2021 Animal Videos No comments


In this amazing video, a Dalmatian puppy shows that he really wants his best friend to stop him from going to school.

Laura Asbury, the 27-year-old mother of one of them, made funny videos of Dalmatian Lux hugging her five-year-old son Leo Rose as she tried to stop her young master from leaving home for school.

Laura says having fun with the seven-month-old dog has become a morning habit since she brought Luxe home last August.

Lux and Leo have such a special relationship that the dog seems unbearable – even crying on video if the student manages to escape.

Honeyborn, Laura’s lifestyle blogger, said, “It starts right in front of school in the morning and Lux ​​puts her paws on Leo’s shoulders. Looks like he’s going to stop him from walking. ”