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The 14-Year-Old Stunned The Judges Of Malta’s Got Talent With His Heartfelt Act

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November 30, 2022 Videos No comments


In one of the final editions of Malta’s Got Talent 2022, 14-year-old Kieran Bonello also showed off his singing skills.

The judges described his voice as angelic, and at the end of the performance, he received a Golden Buzzer, which took his straight to the semi-finals of said show.

The boy shocked the judges from the very beginning, as none of them expected to see such a performance. He performed popular opera hits, and some of the judges wept during his performance.

At the end of the performance, Judge Sarah Zerafa pressed the Golden Buzzer button, sending his straight to the Got Talent semi-finals in Malta. The boy was filled with tears of tenderness and happiness.

Check out 14 year old Kieran Bonello’s incredible performance at Malta’s Got Talent 2022. Will he impress you with his singing skills and angelic voice?