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A beautiful act of kindness was captured on camera when one stranger pays for the an elderly man’s meal

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July 13, 2019 Videos No comments


Recently, David Love was visiting McDonald’s for his morning coffee with his wife.
While at the counter, he noticed the man beside him was rummaging through his pockets for change to pay the cashier. It started to become apparent that the elderly man did not have enough money for his meal.

That is when David stepped in and offered to pay. “There’s still some nice people around,” the elderly man said to the cashier. But David’s kindness didn’t stop there.

Before the man could leave, David gave him $20 to put in his pocket. Unbeknownst to David, his wife was filming the entire encounter.

When he approached, she asked what just happened. “I’m helping the old fella out. He’s down on his last 20 bucks. I paid for his meal and I gave him $20.”

David never hesitated to stop and help out someone in need. In fact, after receiving praise from his wife, he simply said, “It is what it is, honey. It’s life.”

David even made sure to tell the man goodbye before he left the fast-food chain. The elderly man will forever remember this simple act of kindness.

Sometimes, it just takes a moment of our time to truly effect someone else’s day. Let us use this story as an inspiration to spread a little more kindness into the world.

What have you done to help someone recently?

Source:godtube / LightWorkers