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Maryland Company Surprises 198 Employees With $10M Holiday Bonus

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December 25, 2019 Videos No comments


Edward St. John is the founder of St. John Properties company, and these days has took care for a very special move.

Aware that his employees are the main reason of success, he donated a high Holiday bonus to all his employees at a Christmas party.

St. John Properties has 198 employees, all of whom received red envelopes at the last Christmas party. When envelopes were opened, many people were crying with happiness.

In the envelopes, a Holiday bonus awaited them, with workers receiving an average of $50,000. The biggest prize was a whopping $260,000, and a bonus of $100 was even given to a trainee who was on the job for only one day.

The real euphoria prevailed in the hall, many workers were crying from happiness. Together, the company St. John Properties distributed $10 million in awards to employees for an excellent business performance.