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Little Girl Gets Stopped By Police Officer, Footage Is Going Viral

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September 15, 2019 Videos No comments


When we see the police officers on the road, many of us quickly get lost, even though we are aware that we have not committed any offense.

Blue angels can stop us at every turn, and in such cases, the drivers are aware that we will probably get a ticket.
These days, a special video clip landed on the web in which one of the police officers stole all the attention. Chelle Elizabeth from Orlando, Florida, shot a scene on a camera when her little daughter driving along in a small car was stopped by a policeman.

The little girl observed the blue lights on a police car behind her enthusiastically, then a policeman approached her. He asked her to show him a driving license, a traffic permit and a certificate of insurance.

At the request, the little girl was only laughing, and soon afterwards the policeman wished her a happy journey! Well done to the policeman for such a nice procedure …

Source: klipland

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