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Kristen Cruz Surprised The AGT 2022 Judges With Her Amazing Voice

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June 25, 2022 Videos No comments


Kristen Cruz, 19, also performed on the America’s Got Talent 2022 final tour and wowed all the judges with her beautiful song.

Many viewers were amazed by her song, and the video has already become a hit on the Internet.

At AGT 2022, the song, produced by 19-year-old Kristen Kroes, became a true online hit with over 3,800,000 views on YouTube alone.

Kristen won the hit “I See Red” performed by Everyone Loves An Outlaw for the first time. The jury did not hide their delight from the vocal number, and at the end the audience applauded.

Listen to America’s Got Talent 2022 by 19-year-old Kristen Cruz. Will his performance impress you?