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Dog Helps Relieve Golden Retriever Seizures

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June 3, 2021 Videos No comments


Now a video has appeared on the Internet in which we can watch a unique scene with two dogs.

The Golden Retriever survived the riot, and as a result, his dog friend Catahula came to his aid.

The Golden Retriever, known as Laker, has been in disarray since the age of three months and has been taking special medications ever since to improve its condition. Despite the medication, the dog continues to have seizures.


In the surveillance camera, Laker again recorded the moment of the panic attack, and this time his dog friend Roxy came to his aid, and he quickly helped the dog with his actions and stopped the panic attack.

This phenomenon has already become a hit on the net, and many pet lovers are pleased with the quick and effective help from Roxy the dog. See how she cared for her dog!