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First Time A Pregnant Horse Rescued From A Slaughterhouse Sees A Baby

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November 10, 2021 Animal Videos No comments


It’s always sad to hear about animals in difficult situations. But, fortunately, there are many kind people and organizations in the world who help to save these animals. Crossfire Equine Rescue is one such organization.

This organization rescues horses in need. One of the horses rescued was a pregnant mare named Fancy.

Crossfire Equine Rescue,Facebook

However, even after Annie’s team had saved Fancy from the slaughterhouse auction, the horse was terrified of her rescuers. In order to pacify Fancy and to convince her to trust them, the rescue workers did everything they could to win her trust.

It’s not even the worst thing. All this time, Fancy was pregnant.

When the Texas Crossfire Horse Rescue Team heard Fancy’s story, they immediately gave up everything to save Fancy from death.

Crossfire Equine Rescue,Facebook

Annie Shertleff and her team are responsible for helping horses in need, and Fancy is no exception.

However, Annie’s team saved Fancy from a slaughter auction, but the horse was afraid of the rescuers. The rescuers did their best to calm and calm Fancy.

They slept with him at night in the barn to show how friendly they are.

Crossfire Equine Rescue,Facebook

Over time, through love and affection, Fancy became closer to the rescuers and eventually revealed her loving nature.

Shortly after rescuing the pregnant horse, she gave birth to a lovely mare.

Crossfire Equine Rescue,Facebook

The delivery went smoothly and without complications. Then Fancy met her child for the first time.