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Over 45 minutes of chasing and get him under control For The Stamford Police Officers

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April 26, 2020 Videos No comments


Funny video from the town of Stamford, Connecticut, when the owner of a pig called police for help.

The pig escaped him, so the police immediately jumped into action and began the hunt after the runaway animal.

Scenes captured by a body camera on one of the police officers were posted online by the Stamford Police Department, and the video made many viewers laugh with the scenes captured.

Police officers hunted pig for more than 45 minutes, but only the last minute of hunting for the escaped animal was posted online. The resourceful pig had skilfully dodged them before that.

In the end, their hunt was successful, as one of the officers trapped the pig into the trash can. Check out a cute video from the United States in which officers chased an escaped pig!

Source: Klipland