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An 11-year-old boy, abandoned by his biological parents and adoptive family, meets a single father who wants to adopt him

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December 23, 2021 Stories No comments


The boy, who had spent many years with foster parents, had no idea that his “family” was looking for a way to get away from him, as if nothing had happened, and unfortunately, they found a way to do it.

Adopting a child and giving him the life he or she deserves should always be the highest business of humanity, especially for children who were not cared for by their biological parents.


Anthony’s adoptive parents loved him and, instead of being close to his illness and health, one day they took him to the hospital and left him there.

Worst of all, the act of “giving up” the son was legal.


Most of us think the adoption will end as soon as we sign the document, but one unfortunate boy has learned to suffer so much that you can cancel your child like a Netflix subscription.
At four years old, Anthony thought he would be happy if he was adopted into a loving family.


Sadly, seven years later, Anthony’s parents took him to the hospital in an unexplained state and accidentally threw him away like trash and everything fell apart.
Take it – their actions were completely legal!

All the promises of an eternal family were thrown out the window, and the boy was left alone, abandoned, frightened and depressed.

Those who knew about the sad fate of this boy could not believe that there are people like his parents. They took care of him for seven years and left him when he needed it most.

The story of Anthony was shared on Love What Matters.

“He didn’t know when or if they were ever coming back for him because he was not in on the plan they orchestrated to abandon their child. Most people could not conceive that a parent could do this to a child, yet this was not their first time. You see, they did the exact same thing to their other adopted son a couple of years before, sadly enough.”

But then, a man named Peter Mutabazi came across Anthony’s path when he least expected and changed his life.


Peter had a hard childhood. He used to live with an abusive father in a secluded village near Rwanda and Uganda. The ordeals he was forced to go through during his young years made him vow he would help children who experience hardship in life.

Once in the U.S., Peter started a successful real estate business in Oklahoma and he could finally afford to make his dream of helping kids in need of love and a family come true.

Peter’s journey into fostering began with two brothers whom he grew fond of the moment he meet them. However, taking care of them didn’t last long as the Family Court decided to reunite them with their biological parents.

Peter was happy for them, but at the same time he felt heartbroken to be separated from them. So when he was contacted about a boy who he was supposed to look after “just for the weekend” he hesitated whether to agree or not.


Eventually, he said yes, but decided not to ask anything about the boy’s background. That’s when Anthony entered Peter’s life.

What Peter didn’t know was that “just over the weekend” would in fact turn into a lifetime.

Speaking of Anthony, Peter said:

“Never in my wildest dreams did I anticipate I would be parenting the child of two parents who had led lives that passed the extensive background check standards involved with parenting foster children, only just to abandon not one, but two of their children.”

When Monday arrived, Peter couldn’t help but ask the social worker about Anthony’s life. The answer he got broke his heart into a million pieces. He could never imagine how this loving boy was abandoned twice, once by his biological parents and the other time by his cruel adopters.


Peter didn’t even know it was legal for adoptive parents to get rid of the kids just like that.


The social worker added how Anthony’s case was simply labeled as a “failed adoption.” It was then that Peter knew he couldn’t be another person who would fail this boy who has gone through so much.

“They signed an agreement relinquishing their parental rights and never looked back. I was completely shocked! I could not believe what I was hearing. I began to cry out of anger for what these people had done to this 11-year-old child.”