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An Elderly Couple Cried while Admiring A Violin Serenade on Their Wedding Anniversary

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April 21, 2021 Videos No comments


The Network is surrounded by a moving video that can accompany amazing surprises for two older lovers.

Sixty-seven years ago, they pledged eternal loyalty to each other, and in recent months they played the violin on their wedding anniversary, shedding tears.

The couple in the video fell in love at the age of 15 and still travels together for life. They will soon turn 90 and last year they took a really exciting step to celebrate their 67th wedding anniversary.

On the anniversary of their happy marriage, they prepared a symphonic performance on the violin for their grandparents. During the anniversary, they both said that they still love each other very much.

See what a pretentious surprise caused tears in the eyes of grandparents on their 67th wedding anniversary. Will they surprise you with their emotional response?