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The rescued dog now rides in a special sidecar on his father’s motorcycle

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November 1, 2022 Stories No comments


The most pleasant thing is to adopt a dog from a shelter. Every dog ​​dreams of finding a home where he can find the love and care he needs.

Take this dog as an example. BB was adopted by Michael Sexton from the Manchester Animal Shelter when he was 7 years old. Since B.B. and Sexton were adopted, they have developed a strong bond, and they even ride Michael’s motorcycle together.

The dog has its own stroller and goggles! Sexton said that BB has no problem with the stroller and he knows when to put it on!

B.B. – the third dog she adopted, and they all became her co-pilots! It’s great to see dog owners letting their dogs join them on their journey! This is cute! Watch the video below.