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In The Middle Of The Wedding, The Groom Surprises The Bride With A Special Visit From Her Students

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January 4, 2022 Stories Videos No comments


A wedding is the best time to surround yourself with the people you love.

Cynthia Bonfante Pereira, a speech therapist based in Cassias do Sul, Brazil, often works with children with speech problems due to Down syndrome. She admires her patients, so the day she married José Vitor Flach, she found a wonderful way to invite them to the ceremony!

As Cynthia and José stood at the altar, the back door of the temple suddenly opened. While Jose was beaming, several of the bride’s disciples walked down the hall.

Cynthia was an invaluable expression of understanding of what was going on. Every sweet child, dressed in their finest wedding dresses, seemed to surprise her and immediately cried.

Two young children brought an extra model to their little electric car!

When the children approached the altar, Cynthia and Jose greeted. You can see how much Cynthia loves it when she gently touches the faces of her students and shares special moments with them.

Later, the bride said that one of the most beautiful moments on her wedding day was a big surprise!

“I really love my profession, and the chances of having a baby with us that day were inexplicable,” she explained. “Emotions overwhelmed me so much that I thought my heart would not stand it!”

A wonderful speech therapist has worked with these children for a long time to improve their language and communication skills. He clearly began to pay attention to everyone!

Not to mention, she’s a tremendous advocate for people with Down syndrome. In fact, the wedding photographer she hired to capture her big day is João Vicente, who also has Downs!

At this thoughtful moment, Jose officially received the “Biggest Wedding Surprise” award! What a great way to bring together important people from the life of Cíntia.

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