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Brinker Sings A Stunning Rendition of ‘Casta Diva’ In AGT 2021

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August 22, 2021 Videos No comments


America’s Got Talent entered the top 8 hit shows and the members showcased their amazing talents.

Among them is a girl named Victoria Brinker, who beat the Golden Buzzer at the hearing.

Only Viktor Brinker’s 9-year-old singing talent was confirmed by receiving the golden siren from the judges in the final round of America’s Got Talent 2021.

This time, in the continuation of the show, She introduced himself as hits from the opera “Casta Diva”, and her performance has already become a real hit online. To date, over 390,000 views have been collected on YouTube alone.

Hear how a talented young woman showcased her singing skills on the world-famous hit Casta Diva, who introduced herself at the American Talent Show quarterfinals.