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Two Moms United By One Heart Perform Together On AGT

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August 6, 2023 Videos No comments


In the final selection of the show “America’s Got Talent 2023” two moms played together these days.

First, they reached out to all the people who admitted their tragic guilt, and the tragedy united them and made a wonderful continuation of their life story.

The video clip of the audition performance has already become an online hit with over 700,000 views on YouTube alone, with many online commentators admiring the talent of the two mothers.

When one of them died shortly after giving birth, the girl moved into his heart. Another mother’s son needed an emergency transplant, and years later the story brought the two mothers together. The last song a mother sings to her dead son is “For Good” from the musical Wicked. After a successful heart transplant, fate decreed that another mother sing the exact same song to her son.

With this song, both Mom and Dad appeared at America’s Got Talent 2023 and amazed everyone present with their life story and singing talent. Listen to the performance along with the haunting background.