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A 4-Year-Old Boy Sang The Song “You Wake Me Up” Loudly

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June 1, 2021 Videos No comments


In recent days, a wonderful singing concert with the autograph of 4-year-old Emma Sofia has appeared on the network.

Despite her youth, she has already become a real online star, and many Internet users admire her singing talent.

In the previous video, She sang in the mountains of Ireland and performed in front of the camera with his world famous hit “You Raise Me Up”. The song was first performed by the Secret Garden duo in 2002, and a year later became a cover version of Josh Groban.

Emma is only 4 years old, she has repeatedly impressed netizens around the world with her singing skills, and her performances have already become a real hit on YouTube.

Hear Emma Sofia show off her singing talent during her world-famous hit You Raise Me Up. Interested in performing it?