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Horse Found on Craigslist Recognizes its First Owner Two Years Later

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April 2, 2021 Animal Videos No comments


The network is surrounded by a moving video that tell the story of a wild horse and a good woman who helped him recover.

The horse was taken to a special nature reserve, where volunteer Emma came to the rescue with all her might to calm the horse.

The Dodo,Youtube

Every week he visited a horse named Mikko and they became very good friends. However, one day the owners of the stall sold Mickey. After the sad news, Emma struggled to find the trail of the horse, but unfortunately she was not found.

After two years, everything changed completely. He received an email from a friend stating that Craiglist had a horse like Mikko. It really was!

For 12 years, Emma walked in one direction to buy a horse with which she had a very friendly relationship two years ago. At first he was afraid of horses, but soon showed Emma how much he loved her. Watch the video to brighten up your day.