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Chinese Firefighters Rescue an Elderly Man Hanging From a Four-Story Window

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March 13, 2021 Videos No comments


Today a video has circulated on the Internet in which a brave firefighter from China saves the life of an old man.

It hung on a windowsill from the fourth floor, and all rescue operations were carried out by cameras mounted on the body of the firefighter.

Videos from China have already become a real hit on the Internet. We can follow the brave rescue of a firefighter who went down to the floor below the apartment to rescue the old man. It hung on the windowsill, and without the intervention of a firefighter, everything could have ended tragically.

Even before the firemen arrived, the old man was protected by a safety rope. Shortly thereafter, firefighters organized a rescue operation and dragged the man out of the window to safety.

Watch the actions of a brave Chinese firefighter who saved an elderly man’s life. Well done for such a bold and courageous act!