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The Best Way To Siphon Fuel From A Car

By admin

March 4, 2022 Videos No comments


Have you ever run out of fuel? In this case, a snorkel is usually used, and then the fuel is removed orally to create an injection current.

There is another wonderful method used by our ancestors with the help of a tube.

The video, which was recently posted on YouTube, has generated a lot of interest – it has received over 100,000 views so far, and many netizens are enthusiastic about this method.

Most of us know how it is shown in the video. Before inserting the hose into the tank, close one end with your thumb, then place the tube into the tank, and lower the other end below the level of the fuel tank and release your thumb.

Check out the easiest way to remove fuel from a car using a hose and fingers. Did you yourself know about the procedure described above?