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Guy’s pays visit to Lioness friend who he rescued one day gets to receives thankful hugs

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May 14, 2020 Videos No comments


Animal lover Valentin Gruener has always loved felines, years before he had the greatest experience of sharing his life with the animal the most

He was in Botswana that he saw a small Lioness cub separately from her mother. The little Lioness cub was dying and dehydrating in the burning heat.

Valentine decided to give the little Lioness some water and waited many hours for her mother to return, but she did not.

Then he decided to do the only thing that would save the life of the little Lioness: he took her to where he works and he named her Sirga. He took good care of her every day and for several weeks.

Sirga saw her “father” as a young man who she only got left, and over the years he still lay on her father’s lap to give him repay him, although Sirga now grows to a large and strong adult Lioness.

Every time he opens the door from his paddock in the morning, The Lioness goes to hold him in her arms as real father.

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