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An Elderly Woman Burned Furniture in The Heat, and Officers Approached Her Door

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February 20, 2021 Videos No comments


The phrase was used in times of despair when an old woman burned warm furniture.

She lives in the village of Midway, British Columbia, Canada. Her husband was hospitalized when he found a pile of furniture in a wood-burning stove.

While she may have wanted to keep the house warm, her actions showed just how desperate her financial condition had become. Thankfully, by chance, an officer was performing a routine check-in on the elderly woman. With her husband still in the hospital, the officer figured checking on her would be a good gesture.

Corporal Jesse O’Donaghe explained the incident: “An officer interrupted an elderly woman while she was chopping furniture to burn it in a wood-burning stove.”

Jesse was the Canadian Mounted Police Representative (BC RCMP) in British Columbia.

Struck by seeing the woman literally burning her furniture to stay warm, this officer decided to do more to help the unfortunate lady. And the act of kindness was truly noteworthy.

RCMP officers don’t just fight crime in the communities they serve, they sometimes chop firewood

“The officer…

Publiée par BC RCMP sur Mardi 26 janvier 2021

“The officer immediately gathered the soldiers who had gone into the desert to cut trees in the desert. They were sorted out, delivered and piled up for the local elders. ”

“We hope this act of kindness will inspire other British Colombians to speak up, connect with others and help where possible,” the corporation said. O’Donagh added. “It highlighted the importance of working together and caring for each other at a time like never before.”

However, this support is definitely a big signal. It is one thing to advise someone to do the right thing, and quite another to help them do the right thing. The officer clearly saw the needy and decided to help.

May this encourage us to look into our lives in search of people who may need help, but do not ask or do not know how to do it. Sooner or later, we will all need a helping hand.