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101-year-old mother makes her son stop the car so she can play in the snow

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November 17, 2019 Videos No comments


It doesn’t matter how old are you, you can still love, be happy and enjoy the small things like a little child.

Armand knows what we’re talking about when he saw this in his 101-year-old mother. When he was driving in a very snowy road, his mom suddenly asked him to pull over.

Armand was surprised but he did it. He had a feeling that something special was going to happen, so he grabbed his camera and started filming his mom getting out of the car and stepping in the white snow.

What follows next is nothing short of amazing, it didn’t only warmed Armand’s heart but millions around the globe.

I love people who enjoy their life, do the things they love no matter their age, because love, fun, happiness have no limit of age, you’re absolutely never too old to have fun.

Many people should remember this through their lives, because we die once, but we live everyday.

I’ve come across many videos of grandmas or grandpas capable of amazing a room of people with their dancing moves or their sense of humor, it makes me want to become one of them, old with grey hair but with young spirit.

Just like this 101-year-old mom who decided to make snowballs and enjoy the beautiful winter season. It’s always heartwarming to see this kind of videos, they always make my day! Armand, thank you for sharing this with us!