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Test eye challenge for strong sight define numbers of Q’s hidden

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January 25, 2020 Videos No comments


How many Q’s do you see?

Okay, let’s move on to the next challenge!

In the first one, there was a single symbol that you had to look for, but in the next puzzle, things will get a bit more difficult.

Here you should figure out how many Q’s are hiding in a picture filled with O’s. Pretty similar letters, but now you have 10 seconds to find them.

How many Q’s can you find in the picture?

Remember how many Q’s you found in the picture!

I found 6 pieces on my first try, but I missed a few.

If you flip that number, you will have the answer!

Yes, now you can probably guess what it is – but in the picture below, all Q’s are marked in white.

Yes, there are 9 Q’s in the picture!

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