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Woman Asks Shelter For Dog To Be Adopt

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December 5, 2019 Videos No comments


Many people these days go to animal shelters to adopt pets and that’s a wonderful thing. Most of them are looking for the youngest, cutest, and most friendly dogs available. On the other hand, however, there are those generous human beings who are looking to adopt an animal that nobody else wants.

They’re looking for the oldest, saddest, and the most deserving-of-lots-of-love dog that they can find, one that can’t seem to ever get adopted because of his or her poor health or advanced age. Who needs us more than one of those poor dogs?

Well, a wonderful woman named Melanie Andrews did just that. She went to the animal shelter looking for the oldest saddest dog she could find and find him she did. His name is Jake and he’s a 12-year old stray dog with numerous medical issues, including skin cancer, deafness, and partial blindness.

Now he’s not only the 82-year-old grandmother’s best friend but also a cure for the loneliness that she was constantly living with since her husband passed away. So, they’re helping each other and it’s such a beautiful heartwarming story of unselfish love.

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