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German Shepherd Adopts Adorable Newborn Pygmy Goat

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October 23, 2019 Videos No comments


When we think of all those strange and unusual animal friendships, such as that of Bea the Giraffe and Wilma the Ostrich, we realize that in the animal kingdom anything is possible.

Recently, the hearts of many were melted when a video of a German Shepherd named Shadow taking care of a newborn goat was shared online.

As it turns out, this loving dog is so fond of the little baby that she can’t help but spend most of her days by the little one’s side.

The person who took the video provided a short description of how the dog and the baby goat met.

“Introducing two animals of different kingdoms can present itself to be quite the challenge, but if performed properly and carefully, it can be a very rewarding experience. Most of the times, people think of how are they going to introduce their adult cat to a puppy, or vice versa. But this family had a very unique opportunity – they introduced their pet white Shepherd dog to a baby goat! The aftermath is worth the effort!”

Shadow had puppies once but she’s now spayed and it’s obvious she misses having babies around her side. So, she pretends to be the pygmy goat’s mom. The goat on the other hand needs a mommy to show him some love so the two complement each other just perfectly.

“For some reason the goat thinks Shadow is his mommy, and Shadow likes the goat.”
Not only Shadow enjoys playing around with the adorable baby, but she also licks him, which means she treats him like her own puppy.

This isn’t the first time for Shadow to express her strong maternal instincts for small animals. Her owner says that she had taken care of the little puppy living in the house, too.

The sweet miniature goat must be really lucky to have someone as loving and as caring as Shadow by his side.

Take a look at their bonding time in the video below. Who wouldn’t wish for such an amazing mommy?