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Dying Mother Makes One Last Plea To Have Her Kidnapped Son Returned To Her!

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August 14, 2019 Videos No comments


This video features a dying mother’s plea for her son to be returned to her. Almost thirty years ago, her little baby boy was taken from his crib and she has been searching for him since then. Her heart has been broken since the day she discovered he was gone! In this video, she is begging anyone with information to please come forward. She wants to be reunited with her son before she dies.

Can you imagine the heartbreak this dying mother must be feeling? She just wants to see her son before she dies and she does not want to leave the burden of finding him with her children. She is dying and wants her baby boy back so she can at least see him. This video needs to be passed around the world so that Christopher Abeyta can be found! Please SHARE on Facebook so this woman can find her son before she dies.


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