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A Woman Converted The Space Under The Stairs In The Room For Her Dog

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April 17, 2022 Stories Videos No comments


Liz Greenwalt decided to renovate the space under the stairs for her golden retriever. It takes a lot of creativity and time, but the end result is worth it! I don’t think any dog ​​would be jealous of a room like this!

Caters Clips , Youtube

“I built a small bedroom for my dog ​​under the stairs of my house. Video is only a small part of the work done. I work full time, so I only had time to do this after work and on weekends. In general, it took me two weeks,” he said.

Liz continued, “Because I started from scratch, I turned on the electricity, added ceiling lights and fan outlets. I surrounded several different walls and covered them with drywall. Then she laid the floor.” My biggest dog, Kali, goes there when he’s bored with his three-month-old puppy.”