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Pirates Of The Caribbean Theme, But It’s Played On Two Calculators

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August 12, 2019 Videos No comments


A very special video was uploaded online a year ago, in which the author stole all the attention with two calculators. He placed it next to each other, then showed his talent when playing one of all known songs.

The calculators are made in such a way that when you press a certain button, a certain sound is played.

The author of the video showed his knowledge by simultaneously playing a melody on two calculators, which can be heard as an introductory theme song in the Pirates of the Caribbean.

He has captivated many people around the world with his video, and to date, his masterpiece has already accumulated over 7 million views on Youtube network only.

And if you are wondering, from where the video comes from, then your question is almost rhetorical. Where else than from China…

Source: klipland

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