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76-year-old nun snatches ladder from thief

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February 5, 2023 Videos No comments


A 76-year-old nun from Buffalo, New York, USA took care of the thief.

He steals copper pipes from their Christian home and gets stuck on the roof when the nun pushes the ladder away from him.

The video, published a few days ago on YouTube, has already become a real hit – more than 2.8 million people watched it on the above network alone, and many online commentators openly laughed at the scene.

In particular, 76-year-old nun Mary Jonis noticed that the bad guy was on their roof, so she moved the stairs away from him. Thus, the thief remained locked up on the roof, but later jumped to the ground to avoid justice.

Watch an unusual scene captured by security cameras in Buffalo, New York. Bravo to the nun for doing such a brave thing!