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Cannabis Company Designs Pain Patch For Fibromyalgia And Nerve Pain

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June 22, 2019 Videos No comments


Cannabis has proven to be the best remedy for numerous health conditions. Science has recognized over 85 cannabinoids, and there are endocannabinoid receptors in our nervous and digestive system.

These have an important role in the system, and are responsible for your appetite, movement, sleep and emotions.

Terpenes in cannabis have strong pain-relieving effect. terpenes and cannabinoids provide analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, and they are easily metabolized in the body.

According to scientists, cannabidiol (CBD) from cannabis flows through the bloodstream and attaches to cannabinoid receptors in the peripheral nerves. It blocks pain signals before they even get to the brain. Cannabinoids reduce inflammation and improve the immune response.

Beta-caryophyllene is another non-psychoactive cannabinoid, and it has a distinctive molecular structure that’s slightly different than the one of other cannabinoids. It reduces inflammation and blocks neural pain reception.

A group of researchers at the University of Michigan found that medical cannabis can help in the treatment of chronic pain. Patients who used it marked a 64 percent drop in their use of prescription painkillers, and this therapy showed no side effects.

The legalization of cannabis in the US reduced the number of overdose deaths by 25%. About 30% of all Americans deal with chronic pain, and opioids are highly addictive and come packed with a huge risk of overdosing. This problem has taken so many lives in the US.

Experts agree that cannabis is a better option than ibuprofen. A study conducted at the Université de Montreal involved 215 participants. Their pain was gone, and they also had an improvement in their function, cognitive function and general well-being.

Fibromyalgia is a neurological disorder manifested through severe musculoskeletal pain, mood swings, fatigue, memory issues and sleep disorders. It’s often treated with antidepressants, prescription pain relievers, acetaminophen, and anti-seizure medication.

A 2014 study conducted by the National Pain Foundations confirmed that cannabis helped 62% of all patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia. It relieved their symptoms and the pain disappeared.

Cannabinoids are absorbed through smoking or vaping cannabis. Researchers have found a new way of using them. Today, cannabinoids can be injected and used topically.

In November 2016, Cannais Science presented the “pain patch” that delivers medical cannabis through skin. It’s designed to relieve neuropathy pain and fibromyalgia. The relieving product is absorbed through skin, and ends up in the bloodstream almost instantly.

The patch is made with high potency cannabinoid extract, and it reaches the central nervous system.

According to the company, these patches provide relief in the injured area, and this method is more effective than any other oral, topical, intravenous and intramuscular treatments.

The patch provides a controlled release of cannabinoid extract through a porous membrane. In some products the body temperature melts thin layers of medication attached in the adhesive.

Mr. Raymond C. Dabney, CEO, explains that these methods represent a tiny bit of the total power of cannabis.

Dabney hopes to see an increase of the project. Cannabis is an incredibly versatile and potent plant, and it’s up to us to use the best of it.

These patches and pens are available in Mary’s Medicinal in Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, Michigan, Washington, and Arizona.

These patches provide a revolution in the world of medicine, and they may easily replace ibuprofen and other painkillers that destroy your gut microflora and immune system. Ibuprofen is the last thing your body needs, and people use it uncontrollably.