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This Cute Little Dog Wins Thousands Of Hearts With Its Cartoonish Eyebrows And Bright Eyes

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November 29, 2021 Animal No comments


Look at this cute little dog! Her appearance has won the hearts of many on the Internet.

You may have noticed the uniqueness of this dog. Her multi-colored eyes and eyebrow markings gave her a stunning look.

When his photo went viral on the Internet, people couldn’t believe the dog was real. Some thought it was a painting. But that was not the case. The Chihuahua video was posted on Facebook.

The lucky one needed a home! Eventually, Charis saw the video and took the dog.

She said she fell in love with him. Then he realized that he needed it. I immediately contacted the owner. He also mentioned that he is a lovable and perfect dog.

He now lives with Lucky Charis. After Charles brought her home, he shared the photo with the dog owners on Facebook.

The post received 11,000 likes and hundreds of comments. She couldn’t believe she loved her dog so much!

People couldn’t believe the puppy was real. Most of them wondered if it was Photoshop.

Some wrote that he painted his face! But one must believe that such unique dogs still exist.