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The Giant Dog Comforts The Kitten During Bathtime Was So Sweet

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July 20, 2021 Animal No comments


Many people usually think that a big dog is fun and scary to look at, but in reality they can be very friendly and good friends.

In fact, they interact not only with humans but with many other animals of various shapes and sizes.

This was confirmed by a viral video of a large dog named Rudy Jane calming a small kitten while bathing.

Ruby Jane, a 5 year old Bloodhound dog known as one of the largest and oldest dog breeds, loves everyone, especially kittens.

“Ruby Jane is a very funny dog ​​and gets along well with all kittens.” said Stephanie Weiss, the veterinary technician who owns Jane.

Weiss and her husband Matthews often raise kittens at their home in Lakeland, Florida. As a result, Jane met and lived with many foster kittens and lived with over 100 rescued kittens. Since these babies do not have a mother, Rudy Jane, who loves them, takes care of them with all her might and loves them all like a reliable big sister.

Jane’s favorite kitten is a rescued 5 week old American wired kitten named Bodie. Weiss and Matthews brought Bodie and his two siblings home from a Florida asylum that was not meant to be murdered. Since the kittens were too young at the time, Weiss and Matthews decided to raise them before adoption.

In this video, Bodhi is immersed in a small box and shaken for the first time. But fortunately, his sister Jane is next to him, and his beloved brother is ready to help when he needs help. A large-blooded dog with its large paws gently caresses a 5-week-old kitten during the process so that the boy does not catch a cold or get scared. As a result, the kitten gets Jane’s kindness and calms down to the end.