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Three Sisters, Sing The Duet “Fall On Me” By Andrea and Matteo Bocelli

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June 9, 2021 Videos No comments


The three sisters, who represent themselves in the music world under the stage name ELENYI, recently put on a great singing show on YouTube.

They sang “Fall On Me” and paid tribute to a special little girl who bravely captivated many people around the world.

The sisters have published an amazing singing show with the song “Fall On Me”. The song was introduced a few years ago by Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli and his 20-year-old son Matteo Bocelli.

The ELEN sisters paid tribute to their 5-year-old daughter Indy Liu, who touched the hearts of many people around the world with her touching stories. He fights cancer and, despite his illness, has always shown a strong will and great courage.

Hear the three sisters sing beautifully as they pay tribute to the little girl with Autumn Falls. Will their singing skills improve you too?