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11-year-old boy stands on beach and holds salute for 1 hour to honor with respect the fallen soldiers of D-Day

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April 21, 2020 Videos No comments


In 1944, 70 years ago during World War II, American and allied forces invaded French Normandy. Since then, history has entered an annual anniversary every year. In all this, a small child stands out.


In 2014, this 11-year-old flew from the United States to France. He wanted to go to the cemetery in his beautiful uniform from World War II, but the police did not allow him to enter, so he decided to go to Omaha Beach and do his work there. He planted the American flag in the sand and held it tight against strong winds. That’s it

An American veteran later showed up to show and pay his respects to Richie..


“In 2014, on the 70th week of D, my father and I visited the American Cemetery and the Normandy Match in Colleville-sur-Mer, France, where we learned about the three paratroopers buried there. When we got home from the trip, my father posted a video of my respect on Omaha Beach. My decision to create this blog and expand our project, which includes memories and stories of American soldiers who were the biggest victims of any war, is overjoyed with this video.”

~ Ritchie

At that moment, the boy saw the strength and fate of the sea. The young man welcomed them, held them for an hour and a half, and strong winds blowing. Tourists and children went to the beach to see the child. He is a little hero!

Watch the incredible video and feel your emotions. If you think this kid’s work is awesome, leave us a comment and tell us about it, as well as share the clip with your friends!

h/t: Distillery Trail