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Young Girl Starts Crying When Siblings Leave For School

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March 14, 2020 ENTERTAINMENT No comments


Having a brother or sister is a wonderful gift of a lifetime. Well, many siblings get into a dispute sometimes, but we quickly forget about all the bad things.

Some are so attached to their siblings that they miss them for the first minute of absence!


Such is the little girl Laney in the video, which impressed many viewers around the world with her reaction when her brother and sister left. Her siblings had to go to school, waiting for the school bus along the road.

When the school bus arrived, Laney began to cry aloud, letting everyone know how much her brother and sister meant to her. The parents told the media that she would like to hang out with them every minute!

Take a look at the beautiful scene where little Laney made it clear how much her brother and sister mean to her in her life.