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Family found their dog after he was lost on the streets happiness pops on them both by seeing each other

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March 8, 2020 Videos No comments


A dog named Leo went missing from his family’s home in Turkey, and they were beside themselves. They looked everywhere, but just couldn’t seem to find him. But their luck was about to change.

Sertaç Araç

The dog’s owner’s son, Sertaç Araç, was in a town about 60 miles away when he saw a dog who looked a lot like Leo. But could it really be?

He snapped a photo and sent it to his Mom and Dad. The family had their doubts, but they had to make the trip to find out. That’s when this happened:

All doubt was quickly removed. Leo recognized them immediately and ran up to them! After months of living alone on the streets, he was so excited to see them again.

Leo is now back where he belongs, happy and healthy.

Around the same time Leo went missing, the family’s two other dogs also went missing. They believe it’s all the work of a dognapper. And with Leo’s recent safe discovery, they’ve been given hope that the others will soon also be found.

h/t The Dodo

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