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German Shepherd Surrendered To High Kill Shelter With His Toy, Cries Before He Sleeps

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October 31, 2022 Stories Videos No comments


Dogs are just like people, when they are rejected by their loved ones, they become depressed.

Jordi, the German Shepherd who tells this story, has lived with her family all her happy life and is always cheerful and happy in her days with her family.

But one day the family decided to leave the two-month-old puppy in the barnyard. The family sent him to the shelter with his favorite toys, blankets and food as souvenirs and did not want this dog to be a part of their lives.

As a rule, when they come to the animal farm, they are sad, because all animals deserve and need a family environment. At best, these dogs prefer to be happier surrounded by loving people and family, and are never satisfied with an animal enclosure. Since the day he got to the shelter, this dog is bored and sad, he just drinks some water and chews two pieces of food.

Jordie spends most of his time in the nursery and cries before bed every night because he misses his often absent family. Dogs of this age tend to play and have fun, and under normal circumstances they shouldn’t cry, but it’s often the exact opposite of what this dog does.

This puppy’s level of sadness was terrifying for him to live happily ever after, so finding a new home became a priority.