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Man Creates ‘Stick Library’ For All The Dogs At The Park

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January 5, 2020 Videos No comments


Our puppies don’t need much to be happy. Just a gentle belly rub, a treat or just playing with them is sometimes enough that they glow with happiness.

Many owners play with their dogs by throwing a stick, which is why one of the owners made a nice acquisition in a local dog park.

Andrew Taylor, 59, who also owns a dog, is well aware of how happy dogs are when we spend time playing with them. That’s why he put together a nice container, which he then placed in a nearby dog park in his city.

Before that, he collected the best sticks from the surrounding area and then put them all in the wooden container.

Andrew believes that puppies in the dog park will definitely appriciate all the perfect sticks, and their owners are only asked to return the sticks back to the container after use. Could we have such containers in our city?

Source: Klipland