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Dog Waits At Bus Stop For Little Girl To Get Onto The School Bus

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January 13, 2020 Videos No comments


These days, the web has been surrounded by a beautiful clip in which a puppy owner recorded a scene at a bus station.

When her daughter goes to school, she is always looked after by dog Gordon. The scenes that the owner witnessed each morning have repeatedly moved her to tears.

Gordon is a breed of English Mastiff, considered a very loyal species. His loyalty is also evidenced by the sympathetic video that has surrounded the web these days.

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The dog goes to the road every morning with the owner’s daughter, where they wait together for a school bus. When the girl enters and the door closes, Gordon moves toward new tasks.

When you see this beautiful scene, it will also warm your heart. Another proof that dogs are the best friends of people who always keep an eye on us every step of the way!

Source: KlIPLAND