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Cat Dad Builds Epic Tree House To Keep His Indoor Cats Safe

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October 29, 2019 Videos No comments


Daisy, Marvel and Luna are living their awesome cat life to the fullest all thanks to their loving and devoted owners. What their dad Alex, a carpenter from Brooks Joinery did for the little fellows is going to make you jealous and blow your mind.

The three cats would spend a significant amount of their days staring at the window, obviously wanting to be outside, run around the yard, and grasp some fresh air. So Alex took matters into his own hands and created the most stunning enclosure you’ve ever seen. He built it under the outdoor decking attached to the house and made a cat’s paradise.

The catio, a term which stands for outdoor enclosures for indoor cats, has gates and tunnels so that the cats could walk and run back and forth freely. Alex, however, says that this project would be soon upgraded as he’s planning on building another entry that would start from the upstairs window.

Once Hadley, Alex’s daughter shared this incredible cat sanctuary on Reddit, it spread all over the Internet in a matter of days. Everyone agrees that being so devoted to their cats’ happiness makes this family one of the coolest out there. I wish every cat gets an owner like Alex.

Take a look at the masterpiece in the video below. You may get an inspiration of building one for your felines too.

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