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Help Saves These Wonderful Breeds Before They Completely Disappear..

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October 23, 2019 Videos No comments


People will usually have certain dog breeds that they prefer. Dog breed preferences can vary from place to place. People from India have a tendency to prefer Western dogs, which is having an impact on the native dog breeds of India.

Western dog breeds have a tendency to be featured more prominently in the media, even in the media that reaches India. It should be noted that many of these dogs are more well-suited to the warmer climate of India than the Western dogs that a lot of people want. It’s important to try to spread the word about these gorgeous dogs. Getting these dogs homes and getting the word out about them could make all the difference.


TheChippiparai is a great dog breed that a lot of people will fall in love with right away in India. Some people would say that they look similar to the Western greyhound breed. These are hunting dogs. People don’t have to use them for hunting, of course, but they are going to need to make sure that they get these dogs enough exercise.


These dogs are very rare these days. They’re also great hunting dogs, however, and a lot of people will be able to form bonds with them easily. They have a very striking appearance that many people will appreciate. These dogs were natural duck herders, but people don’t have to use them that way. Giving them a home and loving them will be sufficient. There is no reason for these dogs to go extinct.


TheCombai or Kombai is a boar hound, so this was a dog that was initially used to hunt boars. These are intelligent and loyal dogs that a lot of people will bond with right away. These are tough and strong dogs that are not going to require a lot of maintenance and care.

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