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Riders Try To Cross Creek On Horse, But Horse Has Other Ideas

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July 28, 2019 Videos No comments


Horse riding is certainly fun doing, but despite the simplicity, we still need to have some basic knowledge.

The real proof of this is a video from Westlake in the state of Louisiana, which landed online in these days and laughed many.

It is possible to see a scene in it when Tyler and Ariel sit for the first time on the back of horse, named Patrick. The trail led them over a small river along with a guide, but the horse had in enough there.

At first, he did not want to cross the river, but at the very end he only obeyed the orders of the horsemen.

When the horse crossed the river, the animal took care of the next drama. He shuddered Tyler and Ariel off his back elegantly, while both landed in the water together. Take a look at what kind of scene their friend has taken on the camera!

Source: klipland