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Man Takes Stage On ‘The Voice’ And Floors Everyone With His Version Of ‘Unchained Melody’

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July 2, 2019 Videos No comments


It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of television talent shows.

While everyone else is catching up with their favorite dramas, action shows, horror flicks, and everything else under the sun on Netflix and the like, I’m over here watching primetime network television specifically for any and every talent competition.

They have just as much drama and excitement as all of those other shows, but the people on them are 100% real, and not actors.

The truth is that I have nothing against any of those shows or actors in general, but I just enjoy the talent shows more.

Dramas, comedies, and sitcoms feature talented people who are paid to be talented and for good reason, but reality talent shows actively discover unknown people and give them a platform to showcase their talents.

As an average person, I simply connect more with “regular” people on television than I ever will with actors and actresses.

On my current list of “must-see” reality television shows is ‘The Voice’, in which celebrities choose singers to join their team and sing it out over several weeks until one talented person comes out on top.

One of my favorite aspects is the ‘Blind Auditions’, where the celebrity coaches must choose the people on their team without seeing them; they can only hear their voices.

It adds another interesting element to the show.

I’m not the only person who enjoys watching ‘The Voice’ and it can be seen all around the world.

However, ‘The Voice: Holland’ decided to mix things up by asking seniors to audition.

Everyone who participates has to be at least 60-years-old.

It’s a fun, interesting twist and gives folks a chance to compete who may have otherwise been overlooked.

So far, the show has been a success, and one participant had viewers talking the second he took to the stage and opened his mouth to sing.

René Bishop impressed everyone and wowed the judges with his version of the well-known classic, Unchained Melody.

Tackling such a popular song can sometimes be a risk, but René knew he would have to pull it off to make his dream of singing for the public come true.

The judges couldn’t see him as he walked on stage in his sleek, pin-stripe suit, but they couldn’t resist his amazing voice.

They looked impressed as he sang and when he hit a high note, all four judges turned their chairs, indicating that they would like to have him on their team.

Source: Metaspoon