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Little octopus is very happy when his diving friend comes to visit him

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July 11, 2023 Videos No comments


The other day, a video appeared on the Internet where you can watch a beautiful video of a diver named Elora.

On a recent dive, he befriended a baby octopus and captured the adorable scene on camera.

The video clip has already become a real hit on the Internet – today on YouTube alone it has gained more than 400,000 views, and many animal lovers are interested in the phenomenon online.

First, while diving, Elora meets a curious little octopus and develops a special bond with it. In the following days, he visited her, and the diver began to bring her various things. He filmed the scene in Belize, a small country off the coast of Central America.

Watch the extraordinary friendship between an octopus and a diver that will surely brighten up your day.