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Wounded Veteran Chooses His Service Dog As Best Man For Wedding

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June 18, 2022 Stories No comments


That’s true, congratulations on being a wonderful good person!
Justin Lunsford and his girlfriend Carol Balmes were ready to get married. Justin, like many men, wanted his best friend to be best man at his wedding. There was no competition over who would play the role, and he chose his service dog, Gab.

At the same time, Justin met Gabe, a two-year-old service dog. They immediately became friends.

Justin said, “He helps me with one thing. If I fall, he will run next to me and I can use him to push off or get up off the ground.

He dated Justine Carol for a long time and proposed to her in 2014. He decided to make her his Veterans Day bride, and Gabe even helped with the proposal.

Justin and Gabe work side by side helping the dogs communicate before they get on with their projects and stay home forever.

We are happy that he was able to play such a big role on such an important day in Justin’s life.

Congratulations on your wedding, such a beautiful, beautiful dog. Best of all… Unconditional love. I wish you and your fiancee all the best

Dogs are amazing animals, really exciting…! Thank you for making the best man with the most precious hair a better man. Be healthy.