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Abandoned Dog On The Road Love His Rescuer

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November 9, 2021 Videos No comments


A video appeared on the network in which a man from Serbia rescues an abandoned dog found on the side of the road.

First she found faith, and then a grateful puppy fell in love him.

To date, the video is a real success – more than 2 million people have watched it on YouTube alone, and many animal lovers around the world admire these scenes.

Mladenovac, a Serbian dog owner from a shelter, noticed an abandoned dog riding along the road. Soon he came to her aid – first he caught the dog in a cage, then took him to the vet and took care of the dog.

Then the man adopted the puppy at home, and the animal loved him. When you watch this clip about rescuing an abandoned dog, your day will immediately improve.

Source: The Dodo